Synology DSM6 external USB Disk issue

After updating my Synolog DS216play to DSM6 i had issues with my external USB3.0 Drive which i use for Backups. It was no longer detected. After opening a Support Case and some forward and backward emails they team has implemented a solution.
They created a task in the task planer which runs on bootup by root and does execute this code:

rmmod dwc3-st.ko;
sleep 3;
rmmod phy-st-usb3.ko;
sleep 1;
insmod /lib/modules/phy-st-usb3.ko miphy_ssc_off=1;
insmod /lib/modules/dwc3-st.ko;


Then i had to execute this actions.

  1. Shut down 216play and plug out storage (USB cable and USB power cable) so it’s powered off completely
  2. Wait for at least 1 minute
  3. Boot 216play
  4. plug in storage (USB cable and USB power cable)

Now its working fine again.

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