APIs around the World 2014

APIs around the World 2014

I work for Axway since quite a while and i’m on the API Product since we acquired Vordel. In 2014 we spent quite a lot of our time with Events all around the World and i was participating in that afford running events in Germany and Nordics. 2015 will also be an amazing year with a lot of oportunities for me to speak about APIs.
To visualise this is was looking for a webbased service which could show the locations and provide a link or picture. I came across CartoDB which is a nice service to do exactly this.



Rest vs. SOAP Infographic

I had conversations with a lot of people who did not have a background on SOA or modern Webtechnologies and they allways ask why we API people make such a big thing about SOAP and Rest. This infographic which was published on the Nordic APIs Blog helps a little bit with this kind of conversations. Besides that it has a certain beauty of a modern Web design